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"No matter how hard it is, I'll always smile like an idiot." - my adorable dork.レタス[parkdobee]

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remember when kris wore two snapbacks at the same time ? tough times ? caps for sale ?

we have no money
- chen (exo)
x-igotnojams asks: i have a thing for namjoon in black and think it's the sexiest thing ever

strongly agree !!! honestly I prefer nothing but u can’t have everything in life right lol

no but people like to pick on rapmon but he is so cute byeee


*dosent notice typo until post has 200 notes*

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are we just gonna pretend like baekhyun’s mustache never happened

I’m assuming by the lack of notes that we are and let me tell you I have never been so disappointed

are we just gonna pretend like baekhyun’s mustache never happened

girl: hey can u send me a pic of ur hw

chanyeol: haha ok ;-)




i just wanna make drake proud


so i was trying to enjoy my taekai on twitter and all i saw was #staystrongkyungsoo #staystrongkaisooshippers …. in the taekai tweets


it’s been 2 hours and i’m still laughing and crying at the same time .. (some) people need to understand that kyungsoo is not related to jongin in any way,…

ok … it’s not about believing that shit or not … every shipper have their own limits even in joking ! and they keep doing this all the time .. here, twitter and youtube .. and it’s getting annoying ! dont act like it something ridiculous and i’m making big deal about it .. this shit literally everywhere .. as a very hardcore taekai shipper i’ve had enough really … you probably ship kaisoo so you actually don’t understand everything i say which is not a surprise .. 

"as a very hardcore taekai shipper"